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URB-2,5 rotary rig on Z-43114-1029-02


The rig is designed for drilling geophysical and record holes as well as for augering groups of holes. For the holes up to 200 m deep the drilling is done by rotating drill pipes of 60,3mm in diameter and for the holes of up to 300 m deep - by pipes of 50 mm in diameter with hole flushing. The rig comprises a number of devices mounted on off-road AMAZ-43114 (66) chassis.

Upon the customer's request it can be equipped with tool holding block for the transportation of the following: drill pipes, drilling tools and bench-work tools as well as a number of devices that make the work of a driller easier. The major parts of the rig are: main transmission, draw works, rotary table, positive displacement mud pump, mast, feed unit, three-speed gearbox transmitting rotation from the main transmission to the draw works and rotary table.

Main transmission is actuated by torque tube via power take-off. It comprises a shaft on two bearing assemblies. One end of the shaft has V-belt pulley wheel of mud pump, the other - drive unit pulley of the tool feed unit, the pulley being installed on wedge key. Drive unit pulley of mud pump is actuated by half coupling moving on shaft splines. Drive unit pulley of the tool feed unit is constantly on. The draw works is actuated by chain transmission via gearbox. The common draw works shaft has two drums, each being actuated independently (friction-type coupling) and brake. One of the drums holds the tools when drilling, the other is meant for tripping. Due to the two drums, making a connection and tripping are done easily and fast.

Rotary table is of standard type, with bevel gear, located in oil bath.

Mast is triangular, tubular, welded; at the top of the derrick there is a quadruple crown block. Hydraulic jack raises and lowers the derrick. The tool feed unit contributes to the drilling process and performs emergency hoisting of the tools. -32 mud pump actuated by the main transmission via V-belt drive ensures safe flushing of the well. At night the job site is illuminated by three lamps mounted on the mast and powered by the truck battery.

Carrier vehicle (66) Z-43114
Hook load capacity, N 0-2.2.
Design speed of the auger system, (rpm) 0-5.02.
Drilling depth, m:  
By drill pipes of the following diameter:  
60,3mm 200
50mm 300
Drilling diameter, mm, less than:  
by drill pipes with flushing:  
top 190
bottom 93
Length of drill pipe string, m 6.0
Rated force of tool advance, N (ton-force) 26(2.6)
The height of the mast from the rotary table to crown block axis, mm 9.500
-32 mud pump  
Displacement (maximum) m/h (dm/s) 40(11)
Maximum pump pressure, Pa (kf/m) 4.0(40)
Overall dimensions of the rig, mm, less than  
Weight, kg, less than 14730

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