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BTS-150 tractor-mounted drilling rig


BTS-150 (BTS-150Б and BTS-150БM) tractor-mounted drilling rig is designed for drilling blastholes, straight wells and slant holes (up to 30°) of 150 mm in diameter and up to 32 m deep in hard rocks as well as for drilling wells of 200 mm in diameter, up to 11m deep in soft and frozen ground.

It is mounted on T-170 tractor chassis. A welded tilting frame with guides for moving counterbalances is fixed in four places on the chassis. The tilting design of the drilling frame ensures tilting that is done by two hydraulic cylinders.

Along with the above said, the frame is equipped with two guides and cardan shaft to move floating spindle drive that looks like singlestage parallel-shaft speed reducer.

The gearbox is mechanical, the drive coming from power take-off shaft of the tractor, it is double-stage, reverse and with drive shaft of the fan.

Hydraulic system of the rig comprises NSH-32 pump, oil tank, hydraulic panel and pipelines.

Cleaning system is equipped with compressed air supplied by stand-alone compressed-air station of NB-10 type.

Rig control is done from the driller's control that is equipped with locking device to prevent the vehicle from moving.

Bottomhole pressure, кN 150
Working stroke of the feed cylinder, mm 2 155
Rotational speed of the drilling rod, rpm 105, 195
Technical performance of the rig, m/hour  
When rock bit drilling is applied 7,5
When auger drilling is applied 10-11
Drilling angle to the vertical, deg. Up to 30
Installed capacity, кW 114
When operating: length х height х width 6,8 х 5,75 х 3,25
Weight of the fully equipped rig, t 23,88

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