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Magnet fluid-flow controller with the compensator RRMK

Technical characteristics of the fluid-flow controller RRMK type (magnet fluid-flow controller with the compensator)

The purpose of RRMK controller is to control the fluid (oil)-flow within the set pressure overbalance. RRMK provides the necessary and stable conditions for fine work of the counter device TOR on the automatic gas testing equipment (AGZU) Sputnik type.

This controller is the ONLY controller where the operating mechanisms are out of the working place (no pulse tubes). This controller doesn't require additional adjustments and is more effective and reliable due to its construction peculiarities and newly applied original technologies and materials.

Basic characteristics

  • Rated inside diameter - 80mm.
  • Rated maximum pressure - 40kgf/cm² (4MPa/568 psi).
  • Pressure overbalance: at opening point - 0,8 – 1,2 kgf/cm² (11-17 psi), at closing point – 0,2 – 0,4  kgf/cm² (2,8-5,6 psi). Sizes – 280*76mm.
  • Weight – 5kg.
  • Material – stainless steel.

Service and repair peculiarities

  • The controller guarantees a failure-free operation at air temperatures from -50 to +50°C.
  • The controller is fully interchangeable with that of the automatized equipment plant OZNA concerning the mounting seat.
  • MFFC-5 doesn't require additional adjustments while in service.
  • When disassembling the controller for equalizing pressure on an inlet and outlet of the valve, it is enough to unscrew the top cover holding the compensator by 24 wrench and make 4 or 5 turns.
  • The in-service valve is lifted above the seating area.
  • For replacement of rubber goods (RTI) special equipment and staff skills are  not necessary.

RTI replacement instructions

1.Change of in-service valve seal.
1.1. Unscrew the valve from the controller rod. Change RTI.
2.Change of  the seal ring of the bottom part of the rod.
2.1. Grip the lower cover in a jaw vise and unscrew the body.
2.2. Change the seal rings and the scraper, which is situated in the lower cover.
      3. Change of the seal ring of the upper part of the rod.
3.1. Unscrew countersunk bolts of the top cover.
3.2. Dissemble the top cover.
3.3. Change the rod ring.
4.Assembly of RRMK in a reverse order.

WHILE CHANGING RTI THE CONTROLLER ADJUSTMENTS ARE NOT BROKEN. The controller is patented and certificated.

Comparative analysis of RRMK controller with those of OZNA and START plants

RRMK-5 is fully interchangeable  with the controllers OZNA and START. The distinguishing feature of this controller from the prototype OZNA is that there is no rubber diaphragm, energy-consuming spring, no pulse tubes and external control in this model. Thereby – light weight and overall dimensions. The internal cavity with the main spring and the magnet fixation block is completely isolated. In contrast to START  which internal part of the body with the spring and magnet block is under pressure there is no oil pressure in the RRMK. The isolated body with mechanisms of this controller provides long term of service. The RRMK construction provides a safe and simple device for disassembling the controller.

Complete set

Name Quantity
1. Flow controller 1
2. Valve 1
3. Stopper plug 2
4. Packaging box 1
5. Passport 1

Constitution and service

Flow controller consists of: body, valve, rod, spring, fixation block (magnet), device for lifting up the valve (to avoid residual pressure while disassembly).
As soon as the pressure overbalance is 0,8 – 1,2 kgf/sm², the valve opens overcoming the force of the spring and magnet  in the closed position. This provides fluid flow through the counter TOR. In the open position the valve is held by the flow force and magnet in the open position. As soon as the pressure overbalance is 0,2 – 0,4 kgf/sm²,  the spring returns the valve into the closed position, overcoming the force of the spring and magnet.

Preparation of items to usage

Only specialists who have studied the requirements of this passport and safety rules, are allowed to use this fluid-flow regulator.

Assembly and disassembly

The assembly doesn't differ from that of controllers of a similar type – with the  vertical location. The controller is set in the seat and is fixed by cramps. The controller is ready for work..

Before  disassembly, before bleeding pressure off in the separation tank, screw the upper cover loose with 24 wrench (take 4-5 turns), so lifting up the valve above the sealing area and equalizing pressure in the inlet and outlet of the valve.

Further operations must be carried out according to the complete set of service documents for GZU “Sputnik”.

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