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Drilling rig for burial of A3A-3 screw-in anchors


АЗА-3 unit is a special purpose rig mounted on ZIL - 131 truck chassis and designed for mechanization of anchors mounting process to fasten derrick and mast guys.

АЗА-3М unit is a modernized rig that along with guy anchors mounting provides drilling of wells by continuous-flight augers method and conducting of welding works.

KAMAZ-4310 truck chassis is used as a basis for АЗА - 3М rig.

Drive of units is designed to use engine power of the base truck.

Transmission is mechanical.

Drillability index is up to 4 inclusive.

Hydraulic system serves to feed a floating spindle, to rise and to lower a mast, and to support hydraulic jacks.

АЗА - 3М mast is tubular with improved operation qualities.

Description АЗА-3 АЗА-3М
Anchor burial depth (less), m 4,5 6,0
Screw-in anchor maximum diameter, mm 500 550
Pit drilling depth (less), mm 4,0 6,0
Pit drilling maximum diameter, mm 500 650
Stroke of floating spindle carriage, mm 3250 3250
Peak moment of force, kNm 19,6(2000) 19,6(2000)
Mast height* mm, minimum 5340 6420
Mast height* maximum 8590 9670

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