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URB-3A3 mobile drilling rigs


Mobile drilling rigs URB-3A3 are used for rotary drilling of oil-, gas cored wells, for drilling water-wells for agriculture and industry, for water depression with direct flushing of bottomhole in soft and medium-hard rocks. Rotary rigs are a version of a set of unified mobile rigs of 15 type; they have YaMZ-236 (3A3.02.13 drilling rig) or YaMZ-238 (3A3.051drilling rig) stand-alone deck diesel engine.

URB-3A3.02 drilling rig

Major equipment of URB-3A3.02 drilling rig:

- drilling block (rotary table 410, double-drum draw works, 18,6 m mast, 50 mud pump, generator, swivel, manifold) on Z-5337 chassis;
- mud mixer, working floor, kelly, drilling and pipe handling tool.

URB-3A3.13 drilling rig

URB-3A3.13 drilling rig is mounted on off-road URAL-4320-1912-30 chassis and has all the design features of URB-3A3.02 drilling rig. The difference is YAMZ-236 stand-alone diesel engine with a gearbox and pneumatic system for facilitating the rotary rig control.

URB-3A3.051 drilling rig

Major equipment of URB-3A3.051 drilling rig:

- drilling block (410 rotary table, double-drum draw works, 10,0 m mast, two 50 mud pumps, generator, swivel, manifold) on -8470 tractor trailer chassis;
- mud mixer, working floor, kelly, drilling and pipe handling tool.

Upon the customer's request we supply the following:

- pumping power plant 15 with the pump of 125 type on MAZ-8925 truck-trailer;
- 15-71 compressed-air unit on MAZ-8925 truck-trailer for transportation of up to 6 m drill pipes;
- monkey board, racking board, hydromixer instead of mud mixer, hydraulic feed unit, single-drum draw works, 19,7 m mast, hydraulic breaker.

The advantages of URB-3A3.02, URB-3A3.13, URB-3A3.051 drilling rigs:

- pneumatic control of the major units (URB-3A3.13, 051). It increases efficiency and decreases lever force. Manual backup ensures high reliability of rig control;
- due to wide speed range on the draw works and rotary table, drilling technique can be selected easily;
- mechanical means make the work comfortable, increase safety, facilitate odd jobs and reconditioning, decrease the time required to perform the before mentioned jobs (hydraulic mounting of the rig frame, breakout device, hoisting device for reconditioning, device for air-purging of drill hose, etc.).

URB-3A3 drilling rigs are highly effective, simple to use, reliable, easy to handle and maintain.

Drilling rigs URB-3A3.02 URB-3A3.13 URB-3A3.051
Load capacity, N (ton-force) 200 (20) 200 (20)
Rated drilling depth, m:    
- by pipes of 60,3-63,5 mm in diameter 700-600 700-600
- by pipes of 73-89 mm in diameter 400-300 600
Recommended diameter for drilling by pipes, mm: 60,3-63,5 60,3-63,5
- top, mm 243 243
- bottom, mm 93 93
Power drive YamZ-236 (URB-3A3.02) or YaMZ-236 standalone diesel engine with gearbox (URB-3A3.13) YamZ-238 standalone diesel engine with gearbox
Power consumption, W (hp) 88(120) 141(192)
Draw works:    
- type Double-drum Double-drum
- Speed of breakout, m/s 0,2:1,48 0,168:1,88
- type Jackknife, open faced Jackknife, open faced
- distance from the rotary table to the crown block, m 15,5 15,5
- length of drill pipe string, m 12 12
Rotary table: 410 410
- diameter of rotary table orifice, mm 410 410
-peak moment of force, N-m (kgf-m) 7850(800) 7850(800)
- basic frequency of rotation, -1 (rpm) 0,6(36):4,48(269) 0,51(31):5,77(346)
Positive displacement mud pump: 50 Two 50
- maximum pump displacement, m3/h (dm3/s) 40(11) 80(22)
- maximum discharge pressure, (kgf/cm2) 6,3(63) 6,3(63)
Swivel: 15-33 15-33
- load capacity, N (ton-force) 200()20 200()20
- diameter of orifice, mm 60 60
- capacity, W 30 30
- voltage, V 400/230 400/230
Hydraulic feed unit:    
- pull down force. N (ton-force) 35(3,5) 35(3,5)
- pull up force, M (ton-force) 50(5,0) 50(5,0)
- traveling distance of the speed gear, mm 600 600
Monkey board:    
- capacity , pcs./m 84/1000 (drill pipes O 60,3 - 63,5 mm, by 12 m drill pipe string) 84/1000 (drill pipes O 60,3 - 63,5 , by 12 m drill pipe string)
Racking board:    
- load capacity, M (ton-force) 200(20) 200(20)
Overall dimensions of the drilling block:    
for transportation, mm 9880 2500 3750 9880 2500 3750
Weight of the fully equipped rig, kg 19500, 22500 19700

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