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1BA15v.02 mobile drilling rig


Major equipment of BA15v.02 drilling rig

- drilling block (R-410rotary table, double-drum draw works, 18,6 m mast, NB50 mud pump, generator, swivel, manifold, hydraulic breaker) on MAZ-5337 chassis;
- BA15-71сб compressed-air unit on MAZ-8925 truck-trailer for transportation of up to 6m long drill pipes;
- mud mixer, working floor, kelly, drilling and pipe handling tool.

Upon the customer's request we supply the following:

- NP15А pumping unit with the pump of NB125 type on MAZ-8925 truck-trailer;
- PK15Б compressed-air power unit (compressor, generator, AC welding machine) on MAZ-8925 truck-trailer for bringing wells on line, supplying the rig with power, welding and emergency drive of the drilling block;
- hydromixer instead of mud mixer, hydraulic feed unit, single-drum draw works, power take-off with master clutch that ensures failure-free operation of the generator, 19,7 m mast.

BA15.06 drilling rig is mounted on URAL-4320-1912-30 chassis with YaMZ-238 engine. It has all the design features of 1BA15v.02 drilling rig. The difference is power take-off with master clutch and 19,7 m mast.

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