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UKB-5S drill rig


Hook load capacity (with double stringup), кN (ton-force) 50(5)
Peak hook pulling force, кN (ton-force) 80(8)
Drilling angle, deg. 90
Rated drilling depth, m  
by hard-alloy tools:  
by bits of 93 mm in diameter, by pipes of 68 mm in diameter 500
By diamond tool:  
by bits of 59 mm in diameter, by pipes of 54 mm in diameter 800
by bits of 59 mm in diameter, by light alloy pipes of 54 mm in diameter 1200
Drilling diameter, mm  
top, more than 151
When diamond drilling is applied 59
When hard-alloy drilling is applied 93
Drilling method Rotary
Type of rotation Spindle
Advance of tools to the bottomhole Hydraulic with automatic catching
Spindle rpm 122, 257, 340, 407539, 715, 1130, 1500
Spindle feed force, кN (ton-force):  
Up 0,0166
Down 0,0216
Idle spindle ascend speed, m/s 0,06
Bit length, rated, m 9,5
Placement of bits In the racking device and racking board
Line speed (second layer)  
minimum 0,81
maximum 3,61
16Г - В - С - МК - Н - 1764 (180) hoist line  
Mast load capacity, t, maximum 12
Raising and lowering of the mast Hydraulic
Setting-up On 4 mechanical jacks
Generating set АД-60С diesel power plant
Drilling rig СКБ - 5
Mud pump НБ4 - 160/63
Rig platform 4320-1912-31Ural Chassis
Rig weight (chassis excl.) less than, kg 9000

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