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PBU-2 mobile drill rig


Mobile drill rigs PBU - 2 with a set of drilling and back-up tooling are used for drilling different holes in rocks of up to the 4th drillability index. The basic drilling method is rotary by floating spindle.

Mobile drill rig performs augering, augering of bore holes inclusive, fluid or "dry" core drilling, cable tool percussion drilling. The rig can be used in engineering geology and groundwater survey, water-well drilling, mineral exploration and seismic survey.

Floating spindle of the rig is rotated by the main shaft via the rig transmission and is moved along the mast guides by feed unit cylinders. The mast is tubular, open faced. The draw works is planet with free fault for cable tool percussion drilling, line capacity - 60 m, line diameter - 14 mm. The rig without the draw works is used when well-casing is not required, without cable drilling tool. The rig can be equipped with crank beam of 550 mm walking beam stroke.

The rig with the beam allows to operate with cable drilling tool, to perform withdrawal tests and driving.

The rig can be used in penetration surveys with tool squeezing by 8 ton-force floating spindle or by a special 10 ton-force carriage.


Upon a customer's request NB-160\63 pump and 2VU 0,25 - 0,6\16 compressor can be supplied with a drive coming from the common transmission. The option with the pump makes hole flushing, fluid core drilling possible. With the compressor it is possible to build boreholes with cored screws and pneumatic submerging of charge to the bottom of the hole when doing seismic survey.

Tools for different drilling technology can be supplied. The rig can be mounted on different vehicles that are selected depending on the locality and conditions where the rig is supposed to operate (ZIL-131, URAL-4320, KAMAZ - 4310, GAZ - 66,sledge transport, ТТ- 4 tractor, other types of chassis of load carrying capacity more than 4 tons can be used)

Mast load capacity (by draw works) less than 52 кN (5,2 ton-force)
Travel of floating spindle carriage 3400 mm
Peak force up 80 кN (8 ton-force) down 30 кN (3 ton-force)
Maximum moment of force on floating spindle 5 кN m (500 kgf m),
for ПБУ-3 5.23 кN m (523 kgf m)
Д-65Н diesel for ПБУ-2 Capacity- 44 кW (60 hp)
Д-144-64 diesel for ПБУ-3 Capacity- 47 кW (64 hp)
Weight, chassis excl. 4080 кг

Drilling method Diameter (mm) Depth of drilling (m) Bit diameter (mm)
Rotary, by augers 135 50 (60 for ПБУ-3) 148
Rotary, by augers 180 50 (60 for ПБУ-3) 198
Rotary, by augers 230 25 (30 for ПБУ-3) 250
Augering 650 Up to 20 650
Augering 850 Up to 20 850
"Dry" core drilling by pipes on special drill-rods 73 50 108\127
Core drilling by pipes, direct flushing 50 100 132
Cable tool percussion drilling by cable drilling tool 50 135
Cable tool percussion drilling By bailing-up 50 108\127

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